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If your dog is over 20 lbs or may frighten our dogs, enjoy the beach but PLEASE do not walk along with us. 

This event exists because many of our dogs will not play near larger dogs, no matter how gentle they are.​

This event exists to give small dogs a chance to socialize and exercise with minimized interruption and fear. ​ ​Many of our small dogs won’t play near larger dogs (even gentle ones). Some of our dogs are scared to death of bigger dogs. Because we walk, it is easy for dogs that don’t fit our profile (e.g., over 20 lbs., rough players) to let us pass by or to walk in the opposite direction.

The event has served thousands of small dogs, many of which have been socialized for the first time (including many adopted rescues and young puppies). We share the beach with many people (including children) and big dogs, but we keep moving along the beach so no disturbance needs to last more than a few moments if we simply separate any dogs not getting along.



Dogs lose track of their humans very easily in the crowd. In 10 seconds your dog can lose sight of you, panic, and run.

- enjoy conversations, but check in with your dog constantly​

- do not bring a newly adopted dog until you know she/he will return to you when called

- put your mobile phone number on your dog's collar or harness, and keep your phone on

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