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Our Community Guidelines​​

Please read this entire page before attending.


This is a community-sustained event with no leader.

By attending, you assume responsibility for upholding these guidelines.

Please remember that not all people (especially children) love our dogs as much as we do. If people seem to dislike dogs, please keep your dog away from them. And if a large dog is moving along the beach with us and frightening the small dogs, it is OK to politely ask the owner to let the little ones play and perhaps move in the opposite direction. This is not worth getting into an argument about. Reasonable people realize that there's plenty of beach to share. Unfortunately some unreasonable people share the beach as well... but please don't waste your energy unless there is a real threat to our group. If there is a real threat, ask others in our community to help you.​

Licensed, vaccinated dogs up to 20 lbs

Nobody walks around with a scale, but a 25-30 lb dog is HUGE compared to many of our little dogs. Many of our dogs are scared of bigger dogs (even really gentle ones)... that's why this event exists!

No Aggressive Behavior

This is a safe space for our little ones (and us). If a dog or person is frightened or threatened by your dog for any reason (even if there's no apparent reason), please carry your dog to a different area immediately. Some dogs (and people) are simply incompatible, and it's a very large beach with plenty of room for us all to enjoy it peacefully.

Leashes Discouraged

​Dogs cannot socialize when leashed, and some get very frustrated seeing others play when they cannot. There are many ways to train your dog for off leash play - you can find some good tips by searching the internet for recall training. Retractable leashes are dangerous around other dogs and people... if you insist on using a leash, please use a 4 to 6 foot cloth or leather leash.​


No Treats, Balls, or Toys

These items keep dogs interacting with us, rather than each other. Treats, balls, and toys can also sometimes cause anti-social behavior or even fights between dogs.

No Poop Left Behind

Please leave the beach at least as clean as we find it. If any of our dogs defecates and the owner is not right there, please pick it up - hopefully somebody will do the same for you next time

Keep Barking to a Minimum

Barking can be managed.

Share the Beach Respectfully with other Dogs & People

  • We watch our dogs carefully, and keep them away from people/dogs that don’t like them.

  • At any sign of aggression or conflict, we carry our dogs to another area.

  • We keep barking to a minimum.

  • We keep the beach clean.

  • We walk, making it easy for people or big dogs to let us pass by or to walk in the other direction.​


Commercial activity would destroy the spirit of the event.  If you see anybody handing out sales materials or samples, or pitching a business in any way, please ask them to stop.


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