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Every Saturday at 10:00 AM, year-round, rain or shine  ​


​By attending, you agree to help keep the event safe and enjoyable for everybody.​​


  We meet across from Beach Chalet Restaurant, on Ocean Beach, near the water.

We walk to the cliffs (below Cliff House) and back. It lasts about an hour, some people stay longer.



Getting there:  If you put this address in any search engine or GPS it should help you get there.


1000 Great Hwy, San Francisco, CA 94121


Parking: There's usually plenty of parking in the beach parking lot. When there are special events (unpredictable) it can be a bit crowded. Worst case people park across the Great Highway in Golden Gate Park.


MUNI: MUNI goes quite close to the location. Closest routes are N Judah, 5 Fulton, and 31 Balboa. Please check for specifics at MUNI's website:


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